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Our Values
Excellence in service:

We strive to excel in our services, rather just following conventional ways to finish fast.


we are reliable, honest and ethical.


Our responsibility does not end after completing a task. we are responsible on its implementation and outcome as well.

Our Brand

We use our insight to find the best way forward.


At Statsmetrika, Innovation means clasping changes and finding better platform.


We use our insight and innovation to drive measurable performance improvements.

Our Strategy
Build Scale:

We always discuss on building a brand from scratch and build scale to achieve it.

Improve Quality & Competitiveness:

We always keep ourselves updated and improve quality of our work to head our head high.

Leadership & Talent:

We focus on hiring the best talents.

Enhance Expertise:

We always work on increasing our expertise.

Why Choose Us
  • Excellence in Service

    We strive to excel in our services, rather just following conventional ways to finish fast.

  • Leadership & Talent

    Strong leadership talent is essential for success, So we focus on hiring the best talents.

  • Enhance Expertise and Performance

    We always work on increasing our expertise. Our focus is building and applying innovative ideas, and we have the capabilities to drive growth for our clients.



Analytic Services

Business environment is getting complex and competitive

On top of that, big data volume is adding up to the pressure. At StatsMetrika, we aim to assist businesses with smarter and stronger analytical solutions making use of big data...


Statistical Programming

Market forces are external factors and they change the ways

through which business activities are performed. This is the reason; many companies spend huge sums of money for revamping the IT infrastructure to attain fast growth and customer satisfaction...


Data Management Services

Data forms an important asset of a business

Specifically when the data volume continues to rise exponentially. For an organization, data management is a crucial step as, it can obtain maximum and exact information using the data to help...



Statsmetrika has a strong track record in

Providing CDISC solutions and we are a CDISC Registered Solutions Provider. We have converted more than 150 studies as part of NDA submissions, all of which have been accepted by the FDA...


Medical Writing

Medical writing as a function became established in the

Pharmaceutical industry because the industry recognized that it requires special skill to produce well-structured documents that present information clearly and concisely. All new drugs go through...


Consulting Services

With our analytics consulting services

You can draw real time insights of every decision making, process and action. Our team of professionals can assist you in assessing and deploying analytics solutions effectively for monetizing business...


Biostatistics Services

We provide high quality biostatistics services

With our wide-extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, our experienced biostatisticians and certified statistical SAS programmers provide all our clients the best matching up to the standards...