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Recent technological and scientific advancements, expansion of markets, aging population, adoption of digital technologies, etc are providing opportunities to healthcare industries for reviving their fortunes. With the ready availability of digital data including genomics, social, electronic health records, insurance, clinical and more engaged customers, StatsMetrika is ready for benefiting from clinical trials, integrated drug processing along with healthcare environment, which not only provides top class care for patients, but also helps organizations to attain significant revenue growth.

The all-time availability of digital data and improvements in technologies are key drivers and they help us in framing measurable platforms, which provide heightened collaboration with partners and more sophisticated patient care, while raising our current investments in technology and people.



How we help?


With over many years of experience in diverse geographies, with major healthcare companies, StatsMetrika, your trusted advisor and partner will assist you in your transformational journey, through its services, products and expertise across value chain. We have,

  • Proficient workforce from reputed institutes like IIT.
  • We have engagements with reputed medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

Our professionals offer quantifiable business value to life sciences industry through superb innovation strategies, domain expertise and execution.

Our technology excellence groups and process excellence groups continuously work in partnership with project teams for offering better deployments and solutions. You can also take advantage from our innovation network that fetches the best brains at one place with the intent of creating innovative solutions for meeting complex business challenges.



Why Us?

Our experts can help you for evolving your models, so that you can take an admirable position in integrated healthcare ecosystem. We are uniquely positioned for doing this as we work across value chain, from human and health services to distribution, care delivery and pharmacy benefit management.