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Business environment is getting complex and competitive. On top of that, big data volume is adding up to the pressure. At StatsMetrika, we aim to assist businesses with smarter and stronger analytical solutions making use of big data. Here we use core statistics and effective analytical methods along with the business intelligence in delivering unique business solutions to keep your business in advantageous position by:

  • Driving Innovation
  • Reducing Overall Cost
  • Increasing Revenues

Along with complementary skills, we use 360-degree methodology combined with both primary and secondary researches and social media. Our focus is at offering insights of a business with the support of a dedicated analysis team who help in formulating customized marketing strategies to:

  • Enhance Marketing ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Enhance Operational Efficiencies
  • Evaluate & Alleviate The Risk
  • Take Careful Financial Decisions

Thus, you can be rest assured that your business is in safe hands. Have a look at what our offerings under analytics services.



Why Us

With our wide-extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, we can assist you by delivering services such as:

  • Coming up with domain related strong ideas and innovations to help your business grow well.
  • Not only we bring the products faster at the market but also at reduced cost.
  • Technology expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry.
  • Increasing quality, competence & optimizing productivity with our talented workforce & well-defined processes.



What We Offer


It can be defined as the practice to

break up the customers of a company into groups who are similar in particular habits. Some examples are Demographic, Transactional and Purchase behavior. This helps the businesses to customize the offerings specific to the customer needs.


Our acquisition solutions helps the businesses

in identifying right customers for the right product at lowest cost. We make use of different customer acquisition processes based on a particular business scenario/objective of a company.

Loyalty Management/Contact Strategy

Building a complete chain of loyal clients

nowadays and then retaining them is one of the major challenges faced by a business. We help the businesses with the solutions to identify the loyal customers and in building the focused contact strategies for loyal customers and for entire customer base.

Attrition / Churn

Losing Customers affect the business negatively

Sometimes, it can affect the balance sheets heavily. Our specialized solutions will help in making your business more sustainable. It can be defined as a business losing their customers. It can have a direct impact on a business to grow. We learn the reasons and help businesses to correct their flaws so the attrition rate is minimized.


Marketing Analytics

Enhance ROI of your marketing activities via targeting right customer in support of right product at right time and price.


Marketing Strategy/ Campaign Analytics

Our campaign analytics offerings will help you plan and measure the marketing activities of your business. We leverage advanced analytic solutions to meet the business goals and optimize ROI.

Market Mix Modelling

Our best in class marketing mix modelling process and simulation techniques will help the businesses in allocating the marketing budget to different marketing channels by optimizing ROI.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management solutions will help the organization in balancing different portfolios to maximize returns and minimize risk. Our continuous monitoring will help adjusting your portfolio to market trends, to bring more control.

Product and Pricing Models

Our strong expertise in developing the price elasticity models will help in estimating the impact of pricing on revenues.

Network Analytics

Our network analytics services will help your organization establish itself in the market by creating sustainable networks in an optimized way.

Text Analytics

Welcome to the world of unstructured data! Our new innovative solutions can help the business in getting the insights from comments/posts/blogs/feedbacks.

  • Text Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Media Analytics



Supply Chain Analytics

We consider supply chain analytics as an important tool for business entities. This helps to keep a check on the current happenings of a business to adapt much needed business models and priorities to read just future predictions and then adjust it to demand.


Risk Analytics

Business dynamics are changing day by day. Regulatory compliance processes are getting firmer. Our full range of solutions in Risk analytics will help the clients to

  • Improve our decision making process
  • Increased return on capital
  • Speed up the risk processes and restructure it to lessen the expenditure from losses of credit thereby managing operational risks
  • Evolve energetically with the risk architecture
  • Lessen the regulatory compliance expenditure

Our solutions include Scorecard Model Management (Application, Behavior and Collection), Risk based pricing, Loss Forecasting, Foreclosure prediction & Fraud detection and Mitigation strategies.