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Take analytics activities to the next level of business growth. Plan, execute and optimize business analytics investments with consulting services from StatsMetrika.

With our analytics consulting services, you can draw real time insights of every decision making, process and action. Our team of professionals can assist you in assessing and deploying analytics solutions effectively for monetizing business opportunities. Our solutions also help you in eliminating business risks with the factual data, for attaining sharp competitive edge in your industry.



Why Us


Our Analytics Services Help You in

  • Designing and implementing custom business infrastructure and strategy.
  • Extending enterprise performance management, business intelligence and predictive capabilities.
  • Attaining rapid time for valuing with seamless software deployment, migration and upgrades.
  • Using new processes, technology and metrics for driving continuous performance improvements.



What We Offer

We Touch Many Verticals

StatsMetrika has rich years of experience. We cater to clients belonging to various verticals. Our expertise helps us to provide consulting services in areas like

  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing and Customer Analytics
  • Fraud and Risk Analytics
  • Operation Analytics
  • Banking Analytics
  • Insurance Analytics
  • Retail Analytics
  • Health analytics
  • Human Capital Analytics
  • Big Data and Technology

Business Intelligence Services

The ability of collecting and analyzing the internal as well as external data can dictate how well a company can harness knowledge and value for driving business growth. StatsMetrika provides comprehensive set of business intelligence services for helping clients to transform the structured data into Dashboards, Reports and Analysis for better decision making capabilities.

Customer and Marketing Analytics Services

Our Customer and Marketing analytics capabilities will enable the organizations to direct marketing budget to the right customers at the right time to optimize ROI by developing strong analytics architecture.

Fraud and Risk Management

Our Operation analytics services help you reducing operational costs by eliminative operational inefficiencies. Our staffing and Inventory forecast solutions help you meet all the demands and service level agreements.

Operation Analytics

Our strong expertise in developing the price elasticity models will help in estimating the impact of pricing on revenues.

Banking Analytics

Nowadays, customers look for personalized services. Therefore, Banks are under tremendous pressure for gaining competitive advantage by enhancing productivity. Our banking analytics services help financial institutions to drive business results by

  • Reducing Risks/Costs
  • Optimizing revenues with Products and Pricing
  • Helping to get the insights at customer level using the data from different sources
  • Optimizing Network channels

Insurance Analytics

Nowadays, insurance service providers have understood the essence of analytics to take care of customers’ requirements. Currently, changing customer demand and competitive landscape are pressurizing competitors to provide personalized interaction, services and products. Our advanced analytics services can provide noble solutions for effectively meeting these challenges and drive fulfillment of business goals.

Retail Analytics

Big retail stores adopt 360- degree view for analyzing customer behavior. Our retail analytics services can help retailers for generating new and innovative store concepts, which boost their sales and revenues. In addition, we help companies to make better-informed decisions that provide customers with delighted shopping experience ensuring the optimized revenue.

Health Analytics

Our sophisticated health analytics services allow medical care facilities to focus efficiently on patient’s requirements and deliver fast results. You can attain fast medical interventions that aim for standardized care and guarantee improved outcomes.

Human Capital Analytics

Organizations are led by people. Our analytics solutions can helps organizations to.

  • Find opportunities for optimizing the HR function, for effectively attaining sustainable business goals
  • Retain the talent and maximize the productivity.

Big Data and technology

You have come across huge amount of unstructured data. Do you know that such data has immense potential to transform your business? We can help you to draw insights from these data through our analytics consulting services.